German language levels

Let’s assess your German language level

At WINSPIREACADEMY you can participate in online and face-to-face courses to learn German. You can learn German anywhere, anytime with our online programs. Classroom courses help you improve your language level by interacting with teachers and other students, and give you the opportunity to directly apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations.
Upon choosing on the chosen location and accommodation for a German course or whether to enrol in an online course, you will jointly pick what level of German you want to learn. You can choose morning or evening class. German Language Levels A1,A2 designed for beginners. It aims to utilize the language effectively. The final levels are C1 and C2. These levels correspond to the Framework for Common Languages.

German language skills

After completing each level, you can take a test. Many employers and educational institutions recognize all Goethe-Institut exams as international qualifications. The best way to learn any language is to interact with natives in everyday life. . You can test and improve your German language skills in a relaxed environment on city tours, cooking programs, art exhibitions, open-air cinemas, museums or sports, and meet other German learners from around the world. You could also improve your simultaneous speaking capacity.

German language level

In addition to German language learning, we also instruct on distinctive methods for acquiring foreign languages without experiencing stress. Our expert German instructors teach you German from the basics and transform you into a professional.

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