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Earn money while you learn. Salaries vary depending on the type of Ausbildung, the company, and the region where the Ausbildung is carried out. However, compensation increases with each year of training. The minimum starting salary is 450 to 600 (net) euros per month. Big companies pay better than small companies. The best part is that you no longer have to worry about health insurance, just like with any other job in Germany.
The experience you gain by doing Ausbildung gives you a huge advantage in the German job market. Students at German universities often know more about theory and not much practice; however, at Ausbildung, you have the best of both worlds: practice and theory!
After completing the Ausbildung and passing the exam, the company has a good chance of offering you a permanent job with a permanent contract.

It is an easy and safe way to stay in Germany for a long time. It also helps you financially as you get a profit. In many Ausbildung the profit does not cover all the expenses of a person living alone in Germany, but it helps.



  1. Retailer
  2. Assistant director for office management
  3. IT specialist
  4. Nursing specialist
  5. Industrial employee
  6. Sales assistant
  7. Automotive mechatronics technician

German language levels

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Let’s assess your German language level

At WINSPIREACADEMY you can participate in online and face-to-face courses to learn German. You can learn German anywhere, anytime with our online programs. Classroom courses help you improve your language level by interacting with teachers and other students, and give you the opportunity to directly apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations.
Upon choosing on the chosen location and accommodation for a German course or whether to enrol in an online course, you will jointly pick what level of German you want to learn. You can choose morning or evening class. German Language Levels A1,A2 designed for beginners. It aims to utilize the language effectively. The final levels are C1 and C2. These levels correspond to the Framework for Common Languages.

German language skills

After completing each level, you can take a test. Many employers and educational institutions recognize all Goethe-Institut exams as international qualifications. The best way to learn any language is to interact with natives in everyday life. . You can test and improve your German language skills in a relaxed environment on city tours, cooking programs, art exhibitions, open-air cinemas, museums or sports, and meet other German learners from around the world. You could also improve your simultaneous speaking capacity.

German language level

In addition to German language learning, we also instruct on distinctive methods for acquiring foreign languages without experiencing stress. Our expert German instructors teach you German from the basics and transform you into a professional.

Benefits of learning German language

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Are you confused about learning German or not? Let us help you to make a decision, we will tell you the most notable benefits of learning a language like German,

If you are interested in learning a new language this year, German will be a great choice.

Benefits of learning the German language

Although in this competitive world, one language isn’t enough for you to survive. Another key point, we should improve ourselves to be the best. Learning a foreign language will help you with that. It will also help you get admission to a well-reputed university or landing on a job in a reputed company.

If the question is, why choose German? I will ask you, why not?

English is the most spoken language in the world even though, German also is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is the second most spoken language in Europe. Learning a language like German will help you in many ways. So some of the benefits of learning German are the following: 

Study abroad

If you are a person who is interested in studying abroad, then learning German would be a great idea. Germany provides a lot of scholarships for international students. It would help you in achieving your study abroad dreams.

Work abroad

It’s everybody’s dream to get a high-profile job. And get a good salary with a high LPA. Learning German will help you get your dream job in Germany and also in other European countries. European countries provide good jobs for German speakers.

Career opportunities

We have career opportunities for people who know and speak German in India. The first thing is if you learn German, you can teach German. Some of them are Translators, tour guides, German teachers, engineers, etc.


There are a lot of Germans coming to our country as a tourist. So we must have people who know German in the tourism department.

It is easy to learn German

Learning a new language could be a difficult task for you. But learning German is not that difficult for people who know English.

German is the most spoken foreign language 

German is not only spoken inside Germany. It is also spoken worldwide by people. And it is the second most spoken language in Europe. It is the second most used scientific language.

Join Us

5 Reasons why you should join Winspire academy for your German Classes

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Winspire Academy

Are you interested in learning German? looking for German classes? join Winspire for your German classes. German is not only the language spoken in Germany; it is the second most spoken language in Europe. So learning German is opening a new door to your success. It will open a pool of opportunities for you. when you choose to learn German, you should choose the best place to learn it to be the best.

Winspire academy is one of the top-ranked German language trainers in Kerala. We are serving students who are going abroad for education and job purposes for the last 11 years. Our mission is to deliver high-quality professional German language training in to our students.

Join Winspire Academy for your German classes now. We provide you with:

Individual attention:

 As a student who is learning a new language like German, you need special attention from the tutor. That’s where we belong. we have a special panel of tutors who can give individual attention to all our students and help you learn the language

Trained German tutors :

Our Academy has a bunch of really trained tutors who are best at teaching the German language. They will help you to achieve your dreams. And score high in A1, A2, B1, and B2 LEVELS of the German language

Flexible classes:

 We have a pretty flexible schedule for our German classes. We have both online and offline classes available for our students in regular, fast-track, weekend batches also available. So the student can choose which one to join according to their preferences.

Excellent results in German Classes:

Winspire is serving the students for the past 11 years. we have 5K+ success stories with excellent results in A1 A2 B1 B2 exams in the German language.

A specially crafted curriculum & study materials

We have a specially crafted curriculum and study materials for our German course that help you study your dream language easily.