What is Ausbildung in Germany and how it works

Carrying out an Ausbildung in Germany has become very popular during this time. This is a term that refers to professional training in a specific field. That is, a form of education that combines theory and practice , thus preparing students to work in a specific trade.

The truth is that the Ausbildung in Germany for foreigners and expatriates has turned out to be an excellent alternative to prepare at an academic level. In addition, an adequate salary is earned. Isn’t it very interesting? That’s not all, so we invite you to continue reading and discover its potential.

Ausbildung In Germany Or Vocational Training:Theory And Practice In The Same Training

The goal of this dual vocational training is to ensure that students are well prepared for the world of work upon graduation . By bridging theory and practice, trainees gain solid skills and a comprehensive understanding of their career. This allows them to start working with confidence after completing their degree.

On the other hand, practical employment in the company focuses on making use of the theoretical knowledge learned at school. Students work under the supervision of a tutor and learn the skills necessary for their profession.

Requirements To Do An Ausbildung In Germany

To carry out an Ausbildung in Germany there are certain requirements that, in general, must be met. Although do not worry if you do not meet all of them, it will depend a lot on the type of Ausbildung that you are going to do:

Minimum qualification :Most Ausbildungen require at least the lower secondary education qualification.

Linguistic competence in German : This is essential. You will need an adequate level of the language to study and work in a German environment. This usually means a B1 or B2 level.

Training availability : Ausbildungen in Germany are full-time programs that include both classroom teaching and practical on-the-job training.

Ausbildung In Germany

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