Tips to write IELTS essays 


First, read the question paper carefully. After that, find out which question you have to write the essay for. Think about it for two minutes. Start writing by connecting the topic with your knowledge. Create a hypothetical situation and start writing.
Structure the essay
It is necessary to structure your answer first; it will be easier for you as the structure helps to organize the thoughts. It also demonstrates your ability to communicate your views and ideas. The essay should also have a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next.
Think logically
To write flawlessly, you must include your ideas and thoughts. It also helps you move from one point to another in an orderly manner.
Make sure to use a variety of sentences
Instead of repeating your sentences the same way you write them, vary the length of the sentences to emphasize the main points and ideas of the essay. If there are many sentences with the same structure and length, they may sound similar to the examinee. Changing the style and structure of sentences will help you avoid feeling repetitive in the exam.

Pay attention to the quality of the sentences you write

Use several types of connectors to express your ideas and arguments instead of repeating phrases. However, be careful not to use these same connectors too often, which can lead to repetitive boredom.
Avoid using words for which you are not sure what they mean. With enough reading and practice, you can write flawless IELTS essays. Reading will help you a lot to familiarize yourself with different types of essays. Keeping you up-to-date on various topics and vocabulary will also help improve your writing skills. Also, the IELTS test assesses your English language ability rather than your creative writing skills.

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