How to prepare for IELTS


IELTS – International English Language Test- This is a test designed for people who wish to migrate to other English-speaking countries. There are two types of IELTS examination. One is Academic and the next one is the General IELTS examination. Academic is for the students who want to study abroad. And the general exam is for people who wish to work or having permanent residence abroad. This test will be very simple if you are preparing incorrect and ordered manner. So correct preparation is very important.

IELTS score scale

9 –  Expert User

8 – Very good user

7 – Good user

6 – Competent user

5 – Modest user

4 – Limited user

3 – Extremely limited user

3 – Extremely limited user

2 – Intermittent user

1- Non-user

0 – Did not attempt the test

There are four level for IELTS examination.

1. Writing

2. Reading

3. Speaking

4. Listening

How to prepare for Academic IELTS

Academic Writing

The writing task is made up of 2 tasks. Writing task 1 and writing task In task 1, You will be given a visual representation like a graph or image or table or diagram, etc. You will be asked to describe or explain what you see. You should describe it in 3 main parts. The introduction, an overview, and the main features supported by figures from the diagram.

In writing test 2, You will be presented with a point of view, argument or a problem. And then you will be asked to agree or disagree with that point.

For this test, you should 1st analyse the thing that given to you and then make some points regrading what the question given to you.

Academic Reading

In this you will have 40 questions and in this test assesses a wide range of reading skills. You can prepare for this test by reading books and can practice with different type of reading comprehension passages. And also check how speedily you can answer the questions by reading the passages.

Academic Speaking

This test will assess your proficiency in spoken English. There will be an instructor for you. And it will be face to face section like an interview. Academic speaking is made up of 3 parts. 1st one is introducing yourself. And then the instructor will ask you some general questions like about your family, college, etc. 2nd one will be like you will be given a card and you have to tell about the topic given in the card. You will be given a pen and paper to prepare about the topic. 3rd one is way to way conversation and the examiner will ask you questions related to the topic that is given in 2nd part.

For the preparation of this round, you have to communicate in English with different topics.

Academic Listening

In this section, the audio will be played and you have to answer the questions given. This is also time-bound.

For the preparation, you can hear audios and try to answer the maximum number of questions.

There are many institutions that are providing excellent coaching for the IELTS examination. There you will get the correct direction and tips to prepare for the IELTS examination. And there will be a desired score for the test. If you get the desired band for the IELTS exam only you can migrate to English-speaking countries. So this most important part that you have to consider. Scoring desired band score is the most challenging one. Because this is the 1st thing that you have to consider. For getting the correct direction and guidance you can find a good institution. For finding the best institution, you can search on the internet.

Most of the institutions are providing offline and online classes for IEKTS coaching. So getting a best institution is now easy. Because of having excellent coaching centers all over the world, you can find the best one and you can also study in you home or in your comfortable zone and also in your comfortable time.

Prepare for the exam and then write the exam very confidently. The four steps are very easy and simple. But you should follow the correct guidance and then prepare. If you are preparing under an excellent trainer, then they will guide you in a proper way and make you complete the test in the given time. They will make you do the activities continuously in the given time and you will be able to do the things at the proper and correct speed. Continuous practice will make you successful.

Module wise preparation

For writing, you can practice with lot of comprehension passages.

For Writing test, you should practice with different topics. That is you can find the different topic from the internet and prepare with that topic. Make to correct the passage in the given time. By continuously doing this, you can increase the speed.

For Reading, Collect different passages from the internet and read it carefully then try to answer maximum number of questions in given time. By the continuous practice, you can make it easy.

For Speaking test, you can take different topic from the internet and then prepare some points to speak. Then speak and take a video f your presentation. And from your presentation, you ill be clear what all things have to be changed.

For Listening test also you can find audios and by hearing the audio, try to attend maximum number of questions.

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