IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the tests considered to prove proficiency in the English language. It is jointly owned and managed by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and IDP Education Australia.

IELTS is very much important when you are trying to go abroad (mainly in English speaking countries like Canada, Australia, and the US, etc.) This is to prove that you are eligible in speaking writing listening and writing well in English. Because the basic thing is to be considered when you are going to any other countries is to understand and respond in their language or any common language. So it is mandatory if you are trying to migrate to any English speaking countries.

IELTS Exam is of 4 levels

1. Reading

2. Speaking

3. Writing

4. Listening

And the challenge is to attain desired band for this examination.

IELTS for studying purposes and for work purposes are different. The IELTS exam for studying abroad purposes is called academic and IELTS for work purposes is called General.

The test has 4 levels Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening. Students who are getting the desired band for their IELTS exam only can go abroad (English speaking) for study. If you are going for getting a job or getting PR in such countries also this test is mandatory.

IELTS test

There are two types of test. Academic and General.

Academic test is for people who are applying for studying purposes in abroad.

General test is for the people who are applying for work purposes and for getting PR

Both the test have 4 levels. Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. But the difficulty level of both is different. Reading, writing, and listening exams will conduct on the same day without any break. And the speaking test will be up to a week before or after the other test.

Time duration for both the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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