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Earn money while you learn. Salaries vary depending on the type of Ausbildung, the company, and the region where the Ausbildung is carried out. However, compensation increases with each year of training. The minimum starting salary is 450 to 600 (net) euros per month. Big companies pay better than small companies. The best part is that you no longer have to worry about health insurance, just like with any other job in Germany.
The experience you gain by doing Ausbildung gives you a huge advantage in the German job market. Students at German universities often know more about theory and not much practice; however, at Ausbildung, you have the best of both worlds: practice and theory!
After completing the Ausbildung and passing the exam, the company has a good chance of offering you a permanent job with a permanent contract.

It is an easy and safe way to stay in Germany for a long time. It also helps you financially as you get a profit. In many Ausbildung the profit does not cover all the expenses of a person living alone in Germany, but it helps.



  1. Retailer
  2. Assistant director for office management
  3. IT specialist
  4. Nursing specialist
  5. Industrial employee
  6. Sales assistant
  7. Automotive mechatronics technician

The importance of german language course

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You are going to learn the German alphabet, colours, and numbers during German courses. You will learn new words that will facilitate your travels in a German-speaking country. In addition, learn how to say what you like and don’t like in German and how to tell the time. The course will additionally walk you through the proper usage of German verbs. Start learning a language immediately.

Instruction in person
Either you are already in Germany or want to go there to learn the language, the Goethe-Institut has something to offer everyone. Everything from the fierce and the night courses to exam prep and individual instruction can be discovered here.

Online German language courses

Learn German anytime, anywhere with Goethe-quality instruction via the internet. You may find the perfect online German course for you right here, no matter your level of competence or whethe,r you want to learn German for personal or professional purposes.

 The examination certificates from the Goethe-Institut are recognised all around the world as qualifications. You can test for particular professional credentials as well as language levels A1A2B1B2.

Ggerman language course

Scope Of German Language In India

 More students are opting to continue their education overseas as a result of increasing economic links and transactions between Germany and India. More students are currently enrolling in German language programs in India as a consequence of this. Many students pick up the German language to increase their likelihood of landing better jobs. One must choose German if they want to learn a foreign language with a lot of alternatives and prospects. German is the most commonly utilized language in Europe and is also spoken by 185 million people worldwide. Europe’s most populous country and one with a robust economy is Germany. Many Indian students prefer studying in Germany while also learning the language. The facts extend the scope of German in India.