Work on your writing skills

Of the language skills, writing is very important, along with speaking. When you write in English, you produce sentences instead of simply reacting to sentences you hear or see written down. As you work on your written English skills, you will learn to use the correct vocabulary, word order, and grammar to convey something. It’s a test run for speaking, so to speak: slow and controlled, with plenty of time to revise and change your answer if you make a mistake.

Don’t have time to write in English?

Textbooks and online courses for self-study often do not include writing exercises to the same extent as reading or listening comprehension exercises because they cannot check entire written paragraphs using an answer sheet. It’s easy to forget to practice this important skill. So try to keep a diary in English. This way you can spot gaps in your everyday vocabulary and get used to conjugate verbs and build sentences. Then, when you speak, making sentences will feel a lot more natural!

Did you know that listening is the communication skill we use most often?

A study from the University of Missouri reveals that we allocate 40% of our communication time to listening and only 30% to speaking. The ability to hear and understand the other person is as important to a conversation in English as speaking.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to familiarize yourself with spoken English and learn new vocabulary.
Practicing your English skills while preparing dinner, driving to work, or cleaning the house is also an excellent tool.


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