OET on Professional Language Proficiency


The Occupational English Test (OET) is gaining immense popularity among healthcare professionals. The demand for OET-certified healthcare professionals is increasing worldwide, making the OET exam a crucial step in the career development of many individuals. 

What is OET? 

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an English language assessment designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It evaluates the English language proficiency of candidates who aim to work in English-speaking healthcare environments. 

Registration and visa purposes

In many countries, the OET is a requirement for healthcare professionals seeking registration and a visa to work in English-speaking healthcare environments.

Career development

The OET is a valuable asset for healthcare professionals looking to enhance their careers and demonstrate their English language proficiency to potential employers.

University admissions

In some countries, it is accepted as proof of English language proficiency for healthcare professionals seeking admission to university courses.

OET Exam Eligibility 

This exam eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that candidates have the qualifications and background to work as healthcare professionals in English-speaking environments.

  • Age Requirements
  • Education Qualification
  • Work Experience

OET Exam Pattern

The OET exam consists of four components: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


These tests are designed to assess individuals’
English language proficiency in listening, reading,
speaking and writing within a professional medical


Candidates receive a separate score from 0 to 500
for each skill (listening, reading, writing and

Overall the OETs in these four professions were
found to provide an appropriate test of occupational
English, with sufficient documentation and
mechanisms in place to enable conclusions to be
drawn on the comparable CEFR levels of the subtests in speaking, reading, listening and writing.

The 45-minute writing test contains a single task,
specific to the candidate’s profession, designed to
assess the candidates’ ability to read, analyse and
communicate medical information in writing using
high level, profession-specific terminology.

The speaking test is 20 minutes in duration and
includes a general introduction (unmarked) and two
roleplays relevant to the candidate’s profession,
thereby also providing an integrated assessment of
speaking and listening skills.

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