Changes and Updates in the IELTS Exam

The IELTS 2022-23 Exam syllabus has not changed if you are attempting the exam this year. IELTS Indicator, a new IELTS format, is now being launched (Ielts Updates). This is for applicants to take the exam at home.

All four exam sections—listening, reading, writing, and speaking—are accessible for the examination. IELTS examiners on the opposite virtual side are marking the test in real time.

Single Module retake in IELTS

Students will have the option to retake the IELTS for one component starting in March 2023 if their first score was below their target. In countries like Australia, this has already been anticipated. It is now possible for students who want to pursue an education overseas to retake an IELTS exam for a module.

For instance, if your score is low in reading or in writing, then you would have the opportunity to retake that specific exam. It is the best option that has come. Also It can boost your confidence and abstain your fears regarding retakes. 

This year’s IELTS exam remains unchanged. But you should be aware of the new IELTS format and indicator, which is a new innovation. You only need to start planning right now.

What would it mean for IELTS changes the test format?

There are a number of ways that Cambridge, IDP and the British Council could change the format of the IELTS exam, ranging from integrating the four skills (as the do in TEOFL), to introducing new tasks in the writing and speaking. 

so That Creating a reliable English proficiency test is both difficult and time-consuming. IELTS is already trusted by universities and governments around the world, and changing the format of the test would not only require re-training all the current examiners, but also creating new test materials and teaching books.

Listening IELTS exam format changing in 2023

That said, Accordingly if you have been practicing from the most recent Cambridge books – more or less books 13 to 17), you will have noticed that the listening exam has been more or less “fixed” in recent years.

  • Section 1 – Note or table completion
  • Section 2 –  Map labelling, Multiple Choice, Multiple Multiple Choice, or Box Matching
  • Section 3 – Multiple Choice, Multiple Multiple Choice, Box Matching
  • Section 4 – Note-completion

Now, in the event of  you may think that this is a small change, but if you have been using the notes to understand the lecture in Section 4 (as you should be doing – find out more here), Because of it can be a real shock to not only suddenly not have them there to support your comprehension.

Ielts Changes

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