Helpful Tips for the IELTS writing test

If you decide to take the IELTS test, preparation is huge. There is a perception that those who are fluent in English do not need much preparation. However, this exam is tough even for English speakers. So prepare for the exam strictly and systematically. Start preparation at least six months before the exam date. Spend some time every day.
Try to complete both tasks every day. Time yourself; remember that you need to complete both tasks within an hour. Remember that grammar and vocabulary are important in writing. After that, there is structured thinking so that you can convey your ideas in a logical manner. Make time to learn new vocabulary and improve your grammar skills. When practising writing, pay special attention to clarity and logic. read a lot.
Go through the examples provided on the IELTS study websites. Learn whole phrases instead of single words. It will be very useful when you are writing an essay. Write in clear and simple English.Organise your main ideas into separate paragraphs.There is no point in writing long and complicated answers; organise your thoughts well and write well, making sure your grammar is flawless.Academic writing task 1 requires you to select and compare relevant information from data presented in a graph, table, or diagram.

IELTS writing

Tips for the IELTS writing test

Go through the questions properly and make sure you understand all the parts of the question.
remember how many words to write. If you have to write less than 150 words in task 1 or less than 250 words in task 2, you will lose marks. Always write answers in your own language. When writing the introduction, never copy text from the question. Always use your own words.

Plan your essay. Include a good introduction, supporting ideas, and real-life examples. You have 40 minutes to complete the essay for Task 2. Always take five minutes to plan your answer before you start writing. Check for any errors.In your essay, use the concluding paragraph to provide a possible conclusion to all the points you’ve made. Always double-check your answers. Remember that spelling is everything.

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