Levels In German Language

Today, a general and detailed description of the German course levels, so you will know what topics to expect in the future.

German course level A1

At this level you should learn the basics of German vocabulary, such as the alphabet, pronunciation and introductions, as well as simple topics of German grammar.

you can understand simple sentences and cope with basic vocabulary.

Course A2

You will learn: most grammar points, longer sentences, general phrases.

you can understand simple sentences and cope with basic vocabulary.

Course B1

What you learn: You will deepen your knowledge of familiar and common topics and deal with advanced grammar points.

You will be able to read, write and understand more sophisticated topics and to understand and express different topics and opinions, especially about things that interest you.

Course B2

What you will learn: You will expand your vocabulary even more and understand different points of German grammar.

You will communicate naturally and without difficulty with all native speakers, regardless of their level of language or education. You will be able to read fluently and understand what is written in a real newspaper or novel.

Course level C1

At this level you can fully understand every situation, expression and sentence in which the language is used. You have a wide range of technical terms and terminology.

German course level C2

At this level, you are more or less at the level of a native German speaker. Depending on your level of education, you may even be better than some native German speakers with very basic schooling. German is hard even for Germans, and some people are just not interested in speaking and writing proper German, so you may be better at it than some Germans.

At this stage, you can easily converse with professors and highly educated people on any topic and have a wide range of German words that may not be common.

German Levels

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