Future Trends in English Language Testing

It is the global language of communication and is likely to retain this position for the next decade and beyond. As much as English will continue to play an important role, increasingly doing so alongside other languages to provide rich linguistic opportunities for learners all over the world.

Will English remain the world’s most sought-after language?

For the foreseeable future English will remain after all the dominant global lingua franca (a language used by people with different native languages to communicate with each other.

What role will English play in our multilingual world?

Multilingualism is the norm in most contexts around the world. Exploration, colonialisation, migration, and globalisation have all contributed to today’s multilingual with world.

What is the future of English as a medium of education?

English as a medium of education (EME), also called English as a medium of instruction is when students are taught subjects in English, although regardless of their first language. 

How will teachers remain relevant in future English language learning systems?

Our data tells us that teachers are very much at the heart of the teaching and learning process and the education system. Regardless of the technological shifts during the Pandemic, teachers are very important. 

Public and private Language provision – who has the answers?

This is an interesting question, and although private language education provision can be better, as a result our participants were concerned basically about the lack of monitoring and evaluation of private language provision.  

Can language assessment meet stakeholders’ changing needs?

People require different types of proficiency for different tasks in different contexts.

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