An English language course

An English language course teaches a better understanding of the grammar of the language, how to use the language effectively in conversation and daily interactions, how to acquire self-description, answer situational questions, and the art of explaining ideas. It also improves pronunciation, word sounds, and formal and informal language.

The main objective of the English language course is to develop students’ general abilities to a level that enables them to use the English language in professional and academic environments. Students learn to spell, read, and write. They gain knowledge of basic grammar structures and functions. They acquire their basic vocabulary to fulfill tasks in roles, topics, and discussions. At Winspire Academy, students are taught to speak on different topics (people, jobs, places to visit, festivals, accidents, food habits, hobbies, environment, education, entertainment, transport, and crime). In the spoken English course, students learn to understand spoken language. Listening texts include monologues and interacting speakers.

The lessons focus on the gist, the main points, looking for details or specific information, and inferring meaning. Students are offered appropriate reading materials and encouraged to use different strategies for different reading needs. Identifying main points in a text, finding specific information in a text, understanding a text’s structure, etc. Students learn to produce different types of writing texts, such as formal, informal, and transactional letters, narratives, memoranda, and notes.


The aim of English-language conversation is to develop students’ speaking skills to enable them to use public, social, and professional language.


The purpose of English language reading is to develop students’ reading skills, skim a text that matches the main idea, scan the adapted text for specific information, and use the adapted text for inferences.


The purpose of English language listening is to develop students’ abilities to understand and apply specific information.

English language course


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