Nurses In Germany

Nurses In Germany

Monarch with years of experience in medical staff recruitment in Germany will accompany you in your relocation and recruitment path free of charge. 

Start your journey as a nurse in Germany 

There is a series of steps you need to take as a nurse who already has at least two years of experience to immigrate to Germany.

  1. Collecting the required documents 
  2. Getting the documents translated into German
  3. Getting approval for the correctness of the translated documents from the German embassy
  4. Sending the documents to the competent authority for the recognition process
  5. Interviewing with the German employer and getting a job offer
  6. Approval of the Federal Employment Agency

1 ) What are the required documents to apply as a nurse in Germany?

To start your process, you must collect all the required documents according to the following checklist

  • Identification (passport or personal ID)
  • Diploma, bachelor’s certificate, and bachelor’s transcripts 
  • CV or resume with complete information on school education, training(s), and professional career
  • Evidence from the school/training center of the duration of the training
  • Evidence of the theoretical and practical subjects with hours per Academic subject
  • Proof of practical training (clinical internships) in the functional areas/departments (by hours)
  • Evidence of the type and scope of the final examination: oral, written, and practical examination

2 ) Get the documents translated into German

Before sending your documents to the competent authority, you need to get them translated into German to get approval from the German embassy. 

3 ) Get approval for the correctness of the translated documents from the German embassy

Before using any of your translated documents, you should get approval from the German embassy, which means that the German embassy approves the correctness of the presented documents. 

Then, you should get an appointment from the German embassy and submit the required documents; it will take approximately one week to get them back.

4 ) Recognition (Anerkennung) process 

As an educated person who wants to have their former qualifications in Germany, you must go through the recognition process.

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