Ausbildung Courses


Ausbildung German courses in Germany is a training program that provides theoretical education as well as practical exposure to the real world. Ausbildung program is also known as a vocational training program.

Medical Assistant (German Course)

An Ausbildung medical assistant program is a vocational training in Germany, that lasts for three years. This program equips individuals with essential medical knowledge and practical skills.

Dental Assistant

An Ausbildung dental assistant program provides students with essential skills for supporting dentists in patient care and administrative tasks. Typically lasting 3 years in Germany, this vocational training includes coursework in dental procedures, sterilization, and patient communication. After all Students gain hands-on experience through internships in dental clinics.

IT and Computer Science

Ausbildung in IT and computer science is a comprehensive vocational training program in Germany, typically lasting 3 years. It combines theoretical learning with practical experience, equipping students with essential skills in programming, hardware and software maintenance, network administration, and cybersecurity. 

Hotel Management

The Hotel Management Ausbildung courses list is very long. Also Germany offers comprehensive training for aspiring professionals in the hospitality industry. Yet This vocational education combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, typically lasting three years. Students gain insights into hotel operations, guest services, and culinary arts.

Aviation Specialist

Aviation Specialist Ausbildung refers to specialized training programs within the aviation industry. During These programs typically cover various topics, including aircraft maintenance, aviation electronics, and aviation management. 

Automotive technician (German Course)

Germany, automotive technician Ausbildung (apprenticeship) is a comprehensive vocational training program that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required for a career in the automotive industry. 


The combination of mechanics, electronics, and computer science is a vital component of the Mechatronics program.

Tourism professional

Tourism Professional is for individuals aspiring to the tourism industry. This program spans approximately three years and combines practical experience with classroom learning. However Students gain expertise in customer service, tour planning, marketing, and hospitality management. 

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