Strengthen IELTS skills faster

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Whether you take classes or not, this is the best plan to study for the IELTS test and get the best score on it

*Daily short reading is much more effective than reading for example 6 hours on the weekend. The key to success is continuity and repetition.

*Try to study about 5 or 6 days a week and choose a time when you can concentrate well (when you are not too tired).
Write down the words you don’t know – find their meaning and try to learn them during the next week – practice spelling them too. Can you use these words in writing? How about speaking? Are these words related to a specific topic that you may come across again?

*Create vocabulary lists for different topics: You will come across these topics and words again and again. Although we have a ready vocabulary list here

*If you need speaking practice or have a poor conversation: choose a topic and talk about it for 2 minutes. Record your voice, listen to it and correct yourself.

*Practice out loud in front of the mirror (or record yourself to catch your mistakes).
Listen and practice English songs when you are idle, driving etc

IELTS Training-Our criteria for choosing the best

*Opinions of users in Winspire Academy and professors
*Curriculum vitae and teaching history and success of various professors and centers
*The quality of the resources and tests provided to the learner.


Practice tests are one of the best strategies to prepare for the IELTS test. These tests help the candidates to manage their time easily during the test to reduce the pressure and stress of the exam. In addition to the topic of time management, taking these tests will help you get used to the conditions and time of the test and come to the meeting much more prepared.

Preparation for the IELTS with the professionals

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IELTS training arrangement

  • IELTS training improves test-taking capabilities for the reading, writing, speaking, and hearing sections of the exam. Learn the appropriate syntax and terms.
  • Gain test awareness by becoming comfortable with the format and types of topics on the test.
  • Design fast-paced testing techniques, strategies, and advice to help you perform better.
  • Choose the IELTS course that’s ideal for you. Select a programme type, teacher, schedule, and language focus.
  • Study yourself for the IELTS, and on the day of the test, stay focused and confident.

Online IELTS courses

With the help of our online courses, you can acquire the skills you need for taking the IELTS English test and achieving the result you’re seeking. You won’t have to fret about finding practise exams or making arrangements over your work with this IELTS preparation because you’ll gain access to all the best materials, such as the support of experts in the field.

You will need a lot more than basic language skills for success on the international IELTS exam. So we will teach you about the exam structure. How to approach different types of questions, as well as tips and other strategies to increase your confidence in all areas of this English test.

Ielts Training

With our wide range of online study materials, prepare yourself for your international IELTS English test. We have all the tools you desire to make sure that you are ready for your test. Such as videos, free courses, and simulations.
You can train for each of the IELTS sections—speaking, reading, listening, and writing—as well as improve your grammar and vocabulary with our tools, which have been developed especially for those taking this English language test. Even if you have a solid understanding of the language, we suggest you start your IELTS preparation between three and six months prior to the test.

Learn more about our classes.

The benefits of IELTS training

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IELTS training

Every year, over than 5.3 million students travel abroad. The United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and other English-speaking countries are popular places for students.

There are multiple benefits to going overseas from an English-speaking state. Once your education is finished, it could also allow you to concentrate in a certain field or find employment.

More than 11,000 organizations, including academic institutions and professional groups, accept IELTS as a valid test score. For courses offered in English, several colleges in non-English-speaking nations generally demand an IELTS score.

Academic IELTS

For those wishing to join an English-speaking university, IELTS Academic is a great choice. For the purpose of professional registration, you can also take IELTS Academic.

IELTS Academic can be taken on paper, on a computer in a testing facility, or remotely online. Confirm the exam formats that your organization accepts before taking your test.

Which professions require IELTS?

The health care professions are strongly represented by the registration bodies that accept IELTS.

This includes occupations like nursing, medicine, and pharmacy, where proficiency in the English language is important. Other professions that require an IELTS score in particular nations include accounting, engineering, law, and medicine.

IELTS is also needed by a wide range of other companies in the economic, government, construction, energy, aviation, and tourism sectors.

IELTS training

Winspire Academy’s IELTS coaching center in Ernakulam has been focused on training IELTS candidates who are looking for abroad jobs and higher studies . Our IELTS coaching tries to give candidates sufficient preparation and increase their self-confidence so they may score satisfactorily on the IELTS test. Also, we are a British Council and IDP IELTS India-approved registration center for the IELTS exam.