About Courses

The course typically provides an in-depth understanding of the exam format, strategies, and techniques required to excel in each section. Students will practice listening to and understanding English audio recordings, reading and comprehending different types of texts, writing essays, reports, and letters, and engaging in simulated speaking tasks. The course may include mock tests, feedback sessions, and personalized coaching to enhance performance and build test-taking confidence.

The course may cover various topics, including everyday conversations, formal and informal discussions, public speaking, presentations, interviews, and negotiation skills. It may involve interactive sessions, group discussions, role-plays, and activities to provide practical exposure to real-life English usage. Additionally, audio-visual aids, language games, and language labs may be used to enhance learning.

Winspire Academy IELTS coaching Centre in Ernakulam started in 2011, has been dedicated to training IELTS aspiring Candidates who are looking for abroad jobs and higher studies. And our IELTS Coaching is designed to give the candidates Sufficient Practice and Good Confidence to enable them to score high on the IELTS test. And we are an Authorized Registration Center for both The British Council and  The IDP IELTS India registration of the IELTS exam.

Spoken English Course

A Spoken English course is designed to help individuals improve their spoken communication skills in the English language. These courses are suitable for non-native English speakers who want to enhance their ability to converse fluently and confidently in English. The curriculum typically focuses on improving vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, and overall oral communication skills.

 Conversation Skills:

The course focuses on developing your ability to engage in natural, everyday conversations in English. You’ll learn to    express your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and experiences effectively.

 Pronunciation and Intonation

This component helps you improve your pronunciation of English sounds, stress patterns, and intonation.   You’ll learn techniques to enhance clarity and reduce accents.

 Vocabulary and Idioms

The course will introduce new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, enabling you to expand your word choice        and speak more naturally.

 Listening Comprehension

The course includes exercises and activities to enhance your listening skills, allowing you to understand       different accents and follow conversations more effectively.

Role-plays and Discussions

You’ll engage in role-plays and discussions on various topics, which will help you gain confidence, improve     your fluency, and practice using English in real-life situations.

German Language Course

A German language course is designed to teach individuals how to speak, read, write, and understand the German language. These courses cater to beginners as well as those with prior knowledge of the language. The curriculum typically covers fundamental aspects of German, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure, and cultural nuances.

 Grammar and Vocabulary

You’ll learn the fundamental aspects of German grammar, including verb conjugation, noun declension, adjective agreements, and sentence structure. The course will also introduce vocabulary related to daily life, professions, travel, and more.

 Reading and Writing

You’ll develop reading comprehension skills by studying German texts, articles, and short stories. Writing exercises will help you practice constructing grammatically correct sentences and expressing your thoughts in writing.

Listening and Speaking

The course will incorporate listening activities, dialogues, and interactive exercises to improve your understanding of spoken German. You’ll also engage in speaking activities, such as discussions, role-plays, and conversations, to enhance your oral communication skills.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Course

The IELTS course is specifically designed to prepare individuals for the IELTS examination, which is widely recognized as a standard measure of English language proficiency for non-native English speakers. The course aims to improve the four key language skills tested in IELTS: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


You’ll practice various question types found in the IELTS listening section, such as multiple-choice, matching, and completion tasks. The course will enhance your ability to understand different accents and extract relevant information.


The course will provide strategies for effectively skimming and scanning texts, identifying main ideas, understanding detailed information, and answering comprehension questions. You’ll practice with different types of reading passages, such as articles, reports, and essays.


The course will guide you through the process of writing coherent and well-structured essays, letters, and reports. You’ll learn how to analyze and respond to prompts, organize your ideas, and use appropriate vocabulary and grammar.


The course will focus on developing your speaking skills for the IELTS speaking section. You’ll practice various question types, learn to express opinions, describe experiences, and improve your fluency, coherence, and pronunciation.

 Test Strategies

Throughout the course, you’ll receive guidance on time management, test-taking strategies, and techniques for maximizing your performance in each section of the IELTS exam.