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German Language Online Course 

Germany is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of technological growth, a stable economy, living standards of the people, social stability, etc. Students, educated and qualified working people from India are always looking forward to this country as their future destination. Germany has its significant power in Europe, not only as being one of the founding nations of the European Union but also as a member of Schengen countries. This aspect contributes to a promising possibility for job-seekers to get their job without too much complication. Applying for a job-seeker visa is one of the better ways for a professional to search for opportunities in the German market. The first step in this process is to know the German language. Most people’s desires are shattered because of this obstacle. Winspire Academy teaches German language courses in Kochi and supports students to apply for different courses at German universities and also for job-seekers visa formalities.

German also opens different career paths in several multinational companies. Most of the world’s top companies are either based in Germany or are based in German technology. All of these companies give special ratings to candidates who hold German language skills. Winspire Academy is there to help students and others to pursue their dreams and make it happen without wasting more time. We are an authorized German language teaching Institute. Our well-experienced instructors help students to overcome any barrier in the German language with ease. Our proven methodologies, combined with modern techniques, always help the students on their road to success towards a new career. Our German course is the most comprehensive in German grammar and has been designed by highly experienced German language professionals.

Our highly experienced instructors are always available for teaching the language at it’s all levels. Candidates can thus obtain an official qualification awarded to certify their skills and competencies in the German language. It consists of 4 different categories corresponding to the level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Winspire Academy offers you a German language online training course that allows you to achieve your goals.

One of the main advantages you can get when learning German online is to have an accurate explanation of every new word you’re about to learn. Our online German Language Course Platform has integrated dictionaries that give you the opportunity to get the meaning of an unknown word at any time. All of our German language teachers are extremely qualified and have years of experience and skills in all areas of training. Winspire Academy, not only ensures that you receive quality teaching but also acquire authentic German dialect and terminology. We provide written exercises and presentations, role play, and group discussions to keep students involved and consistent with the words and phrases they have learned. In our online German language courses, we will guide you through lectures and activities that are clearly and accurately constructed. These classes are not only provided with explanations for German grammar but also help learn the daily use of phrases, sentence construction, and other extra German information.

Learning Objectives

Winspire Academy will make sure that you will be confident and well-prepared to take your test at the end of the course. You will be able to interact in a basic way, you can talk about yourself and your surrounding environment. The depth of knowledge in the German language is recognized at different levels. A1 is the most basic level of the German language and is known as the “discovery” stage. You wouldn’t need any previous knowledge of German language to partake in a German online course at level A1. You need German level A1 German skills for a German level A2 online course. You need level A2 language skills for a course at level B1. You need level B1 skills for a course at level B2. You need level B2 German language skills for a course at level C1. You need level C1 language skills for a German online course at level C2.

The Common European framework identifies different skill levels for each language and is roughly divided as follows: A for beginners, B for intermediate level, and C for advanced level. We offer 4 levels of German Language Training from beginners to professional level.

Level A1

Upon completion of this level, you will be familiar with everyday interactions and very fundamental phrases and words. You could introduce yourself and others. You can also ask and answer questions about your personal information, such as where you live, the people you know, and the things you have. You can communicate in a simple manner slowly and that the listener can clearly understand what you said. 

Level A2

When you complete this level, you will be able to fully understand sentences and regularly used phrases related to areas of most immediate relevance. You can speak about very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, work, etc.

You can communicate in simple and routine tasks that require a basic and direct sharing of information on familiar and routine aspects. You can explain aspects of your background, immediate surroundings, and needs in simple words.

Level B1

After this stage, you can understand the key points of clear standard language on familiar subjects routinely encountered in work, class, leisure, etc. You can cope with most of the situations that are likely to happen while traveling in an area where the language is spoken.

You can produce simple, linked text on subjects of widely known or personal interest. You can explain your events and experiences, dreams, visions, hopes, and ambitions, and give a brief explanation of your personal views and plans. You’re ready for the Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) exam.

Level B2 

At the end of this level, you will be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract subjects, including technical conversations in your field of expertise.ou can communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes frequent communication with native German speakers quite possible without strain for you or your conversation partner 

You can produce a clear, precise message on a wide range of subjects. You can describe the point of view on the topical issue, giving the advantages and disadvantages of the multiple possibilities.

What you’re going to learn 

Assessment Procedure

Four language skills are assessed at each level: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The four skills are evaluated during classes and home assessments. The preparation course follows the requirements of the exam and has been designed to meet the needs of the learners. We also ensure that the course includes training sessions for all candidates with personalized correction and feedback. During this teaching period, you will be guided through the preparation materials, assignments, mock tests, and activities, corrected work, and feedback. The preparation program contains a final mock test so that you know exactly what to expect on the main exam and take the test fully prepared. Winspire Academy is proud to offer you this German language course to help you achieve your career goals!


Getting a German Language Certificate proves the level you have accomplished in the language and helps you get a spot in some higher education courses. It is also a significant advantage in your career, especially since it is universally recognized. This certification is one of the most useful certificates to have, especially when applying for German jobs or German university degrees. Certificates and examinations set realistic objectives and correspond to actual everyday situations. It is an effective way to enhance the job prospects of the candidate, to continue his education, and to prepare himself for traveling or living overseas. It is accessible to all, irrespective of language skills, abilities, age, or occupation. Our certification is recognized by the German government. It is also accepted in every German-speaking country in the world. This certification is seen as a prerequisite for studying at a German university or working in a German-speaking world of business.

Our Highlights 

Live Classes and Online Support

The Winspire Academy offers a live online classroom to learn German. We provide the best live teachers, flexible hours, and high-quality video for the online classroom. Our experienced staff is available 24×7 for doubts or any other academic assistance.

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